SynTraffic Launch

Today is a very special day for us as we announce the general availability of our flagship product, SynTraffic. SynTraffic wants to help your business by improving the uptime of your public Websites/APIs/Servers. Our SaaS product offers a turnkey solution so that you are the first to know when your customers are facing issues. SynTraffic allows monitoring from all geographical locations around the world. It also comes with state of the art smart alerts that will notify you as soon as the service detects issues with your website. Visit to learn more about the product.

Following us on the media channels to hear exciting things about our journey:

Here is a message from our founder, Surya Jakhotia, on this special day:

“I am very excited and proud of the team that made SynTraffic happen. I sincerely want to thank the early adopters, the awesome team, advisors, friends and family. It wouldn’t have been possible without your constant support and encouragement and I am grateful to you all. Thank you!!!

While the last few months have been fun and rewarding, we can’t wait to grow our family of customers and learn from them. If you or someone you know has an online website and want to improve its uptime, we would love to have them try our product:

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