PagerDuty Integration

We have heard you – You love PagerDuty and so do we. SynTraffic is excited to announce we are now integrated with PagerDuty. Partnering with PagerDuty’s industry-grade notification delivery platform, SynTraffic real-time smart alerts ensure the right folks on your team are notified instantly. This will help you reduce your TTD (Time to Detect) and TTM (Time to Mitigate), translating to improved uptime and happier customers.

It takes less than a minute to configure SynTraffic to route your notifications to PagerDuty. To get started you will need the “Service API Key” from Pager Duty. The instructions are available at…/202830340-Creating-a-Generi….

Once you have the “Service API Key”, follow the steps below to configure:
1. Login into your account and navigate to your alerts page:
2. Enter you “Service API Key” under “Pager Duty Settings” and hit Save
3. Enable Pager Duty under “Alert Targets” and hit Save. Now you are all set to receive notifications through PagerDuty.

Setup PagerDuty

Setup PagerDuty

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