Newsletter May 2016

May 2016 has been a really exciting month at SynTraffic. We have crunched through your feedback and added new features to make monitoring your website even more easier.

Here is a list of features that we have delivered in the last few weeks:

  1. User Management: You can now add additional users from your organization by simply providing their email address. Newly added users can then login using their account and get access to the same organization account. We have also added additional user management features like deleting user, reactivating user, resend invitation to simplify things for you.
  2. Status and Incidents Page: We have redesigned the status and incidents page to make them even very intuitive. Customers can quickly get availability, latency and incidents data for all public monitors through this web page. Manage your status page by logging in and navigating to Settings -> Manage Status Page. You can view a demo status page here.
  3. Dashboard Grouping: Dashboard now groups monitor instances and packages all the information into their own cards. You can now access the real-time report as well as archived reports, summary of monitor setup, current status and much more from a monitor card.
    SynTraffic Dashboard


  4. Monitor Icon: The monitoring service automatically downloads and integrates the favicon of the target website. The favicon now becomes part of your monitor name as visible on Dashboard, Status page, Incidents page and Daily availability report page. You also have the ability to override the favicon with your own image/icon by using the “Endpoints” menu.
  5. Daily Availability Report: As our current customer, you would have noticed the new look of our daily availability reports. The email now provides richer data for availability and latency, thereby saving a click into the detailed report.

Try out the new features and share your feedback.

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