Newsletter June 2016

We have been constantly releasing exciting updates in June at SynTraffic. Try out these new features and as always continue sharing your feedback.

1. WebHook Alerts:

As our premium offering, you can now get alerts via webhooks. Webhooks allows you to drive automation scenarios when SynTraffic detects downtime for your website.

Login and navigate to Alerts page to enable webhooks for your account.

SynTraffic Webhooks

SynTraffic Webhooks

2. User Management:

Individual users from your organization can now manage and customize what email alerts do they want to receive from the organizational account.

Login and navigate to your Settings page to manage your alert settings.

3. GitHub Login:

We all hate setting and then remembering passwords for yet another website, don’t we. This is why we continue to integrate with other well known OAuth providers. Starting this month, you can now use your GitHub account to login into SynTraffic.

For all you registered users who would like to use your GitHub account, login with your current account and go to Settings page. On this page, click on Manage for External Logins and integrate your GitHub account. No more passwords to remember.

4. Alert Email:

Alert emails have got a overhaul with a beautiful new design. As much as we don’t want to see the alert emails, the new design, hopefully, make alerts a little more likeable.

Have feedback?

We have already started executing on our July plans and have exciting updates in store. If you have a feature request or functionality that you require, do not hesitate to share it with us.Send your questions as well as feedback to

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