Newsletter August 2016

As the summer of 2016 comes to an end, we are excited to bring our newest release – Page Resource Monitoring (PRM) as part of the August release at SynTraffic. PRM enables SynTraffic to monitor an entire page and its resources. Here are the top benefits you can get by enabling PRM:

1. Page Load Time:

Page load time (PLT) is the total time it takes for a page to load in the user’s browser. This is an immportant metric that affect’s user engagement, user retention and search ranking for your page and hence has direct impact on your bottom line.

SynTraffic can now monitor as well as show trends and reports of your web page’s PLT. You also get a daily availability report that shows how your PLT is compared to the previous day, there by helping you catch regressions in PLT early.

Page Resource Monitoring

Page Resource Monitoring

2. Page Resources:

By enabling PRM, you get a real-time report of the response time of all the page resources. You can view the breakdown, sort by min/max/avg to find out what resources are making your website slow. It cannot get any easier than this to deliver better to exceptional performance to your customers.

We also give you the ability to compare the last few days average to the last hour’s average. This can help you quickly find your new resource bottlenecks or see the performance improvement from your latest deployment.

3. Resource Alerts:

Get alerted when your page resources are unavailable (4xx/5xx errors). This has already helped our beta customers find out about degraded user experience on their websites when external resources on their page have become unavailable. Get notified before your customers do.

Have feedback?

We have more exciting updates in store as we go full steam into September. If you have a feature request or functionality that you require, do not hesitate to share it with us. Send your questions as well as feedback to

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