Newsletter September 2016

We were hard at work in September to bring you exciting features and updates.

1. Single Monitor Multiple Locations:

Now you can monitor any probe url from all global locations with one click. All your alerts, real-time reports, status page and daily availability report display your monitoring data by each location.

single monitor with multiple locations

Single monitor with multiple locations

This is different from how most of the other monitoring providers like pingdom where they round robin from different locations. The competitor products make your monitoring data inconsistent especially when you want to track your response times. Round robin locations can also lead to false positives for truly distributed systems where a component in your local region goes down.

2. Auto-Manage Incidents:

SynTraffic now auto-creates incidents when your alert thresholds are reached. The system also closes your incidents once it detects that they got resolved. By default, these incidents are private.

As a DevOps personnel, you can choose to make the incidents public while annotating the incident data. Once you make them public, the data becomes available for your customers through the status page. Please review your status page settings here and ensure that the right monitors are made public.

3. Real-time Dashboard:

The running monitors on your dashboard now show your last hour availability and response time in real-time. When you start a monitor, you will now see that the monitoring data streams back instantly on your dashboard with no wait time.

4. Connection Issues:

Based on your feedback, we have created a new class of Alert Triggers for Connection Issues. Please review your alert triggers and set appropriate thresholds and take advantage of our smart alerts.

The connection issues will also reflect in your availability metric and the count of connection issues displayed on your daily availability report page.

Have feedback?

We have more exciting updates in store as we go full steam into September. If you have a feature request or functionality that you require, do not hesitate to share it with us. Send your questions as well as feedback to

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