Newsletter December 2016

Happy New Year 2017! Hope you all had a great 2016 and are as excited as us for 2017. Here is what we delivered as part of our December 2016 release:

1. PageSpeed Monitoring:

Our tools release last month was well received and based on the feedback we have introduced PageSpeed Monitoring. If you are a Designer or a Marketer who is making changes to the website but aren’t sure how the website performance will be affected, you can rest assured with PageSpeed Monitoring. Once you have the URL you want to monitor, setting up PageSpeed Monitoring takes less than a minute. Once the monitor is running you get a trending report of Google’s PageSpeed and YSlow scores along with Page load time and Page Size.

You can now see the snapshot in time of your website performance and catch trends of your scores as they improve and fix if they degrade. We also preserve the HAR Report displayed as a waterfall, which can help you analyze page performance issues.

You also get a daily email and web report sharing with you changes in your PageSpeed score, YSlow score, Page Size and Page Load Time.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

PageSpeed Daily Report

PageSpeed Daily Report

2. True Device Emulation:

Our customers had brought to our notice that our website performance emulation platform wasn’t doing a true emulation for Desktop or Mobile. A specific issue was that our emulator wasn’t honoring srcset to deliver images based on the device type. The core issue was that we were using PhantomJS for our emulation and in this case it was broken. We have since changed our engine to Chrome browser, so now the results are from a real browser with true device emulation.

Test it out and share your feedback.

3. YSlow Score:

You can now get YSlow score when you use our free tools service to analyze your website performance. Better yet we also give you recommendations to improve your score which translates to a faster website, happier customers and/or better conversions.

Have feedback?

We have more exciting updates in store in January. If you have a feature request or functionality that you require, do not hesitate to share it with us. Send your questions as well as feedback to

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